Thursday, August 25, 2011

bring on the pets!

Can it be true?  Can pet accessories be totally awesome??  Yes!  Here are just a few that have caught my fancy.

This "Fish Hotel" from Crate and Barrel is just fabulous!

This is a stylish cat bed from  Almost looks like a magazine holder to me.

This water dish is from Poshpuppyboutique and it looks like a hip table-top water fountain!

Blueblood Capri Bed
This gorgeous dog bed from says, "Yes, I'm a dog bed but I've got more style than your sofa pillows." 

20th Century  French Tole Birdcage
This amazing antique birdhouse is available at  I would buy this any day even without a bird!
Obviously our homes don't have to be overrun with ugly pet accessories.  Thankfully we can now welcome pets into our home AND inject some extra style in the necessities!


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