Friday, September 30, 2011

My Green Door

I posted a while back about trying to decide on a color for my shutters and front door.  You can see that post Here.  I really wanted to use green but the color green I was drawn to just didn't seem right for the shutters.  SO, I painted the shutters black (paint I already had in the garage) and painted the door green.  This way, I can change the door color as the mood strikes me and the shutters stay their crisp, practical black.  
Here is a quick reminder of the Before-
Faded burgundy shutters and door, dirty gutters and windows.  The place was depressing!

I used the color Grassland from Lowe's.  Once we got up on the ladder to take the shutters down we washed the windows and gutters so the house looks squeaky clean now, which definitely needed to happen!

Now to finish off the landscaping on the left side of the house and it'll be my perfect little cottage.... until I decide to change something else!  Total cost for this makeover was $15.  

Need to make some changes but don't have much budget?  I absolutely love those kinds of projects!  Let the creativity begin.... 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling crafty

Can I do a whole blog post about glitter?  Yes, yes I can.  :-)  Last YEAR my sister-in-law, who's craftiness you can see here, gave me a glitter craft by Martha Stewart and I never even opened it.  Then, last week, in a desperate attempt to avoid falling sleep AND to avoid housework I pulled it out of the closet and felt like a kid.  A very sparkly kid.

These colors are puuurhfect for my house!

It was Glitter by Number!  Super easy but I did have to use my handy dandy Swiss Army Knife to pull the minuscule stickers off.   As I was squinting at the tiny numbers and feeling very clumsy I thought  of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry says, "She's got Man Hands!"  Yep, that's how tiny the stickers were.

1 number peeled off at a time, glitter added, and voila!

Almost dooone...

 As you can see, each glitter was numbered so it was a craft that even children could understand and enjoy!  

I'm pretty sure Michael's has glass frames that I can slide these into and hang up on the wall.  I'll post a picture of that when I get it done!  

Want to make your home a better reflection of you?  Contact me and we can make it happen!