Friday, December 2, 2011

Organized and Fabulous

I am so excited to post After pictures of the office I recently finished!  When my client first asked for help, she told me she would shudder and close the door when she walked past the office because it was such a mess and the paint color was just plain wrong.  

You can almost tell that there is an amazing fireplace in this room with a gorgeous tile surround.  The paint color, though, was so bright that it dominated the entire space.  Instead of a file cabinet, there were 6 or 7 small file boxes and several other insufficient shelves filled the room but didn't help with the storage problems.  

This room gets so much light that with the sunlight bouncing off the walls this color was overwhelming.  My client still wanted a green color in the room and I had an idea that I thought would be great~ without detracting from the beauty of the fireplace.

The foundation of this room was organization.  Getting this closet organized and functional was incredibly important!  Thankfully with The Container Store in town, I was able to get a great closet system in place that provides plenty of storage and more than enough function.

A file cabinet now takes the place of all the small file containers that cluttered the room.  I kept 1 for the legal size documents but as you can see, there is plenty of room for it on the shelf and there is no need for it to take up floor space.  Everything is labeled and easy to find.

The fireplace in this room is gorgeous and was our color inspiration.  

I chose a much more grey version of the tiles and picked a neutral taupish grey for the lower portion of the walls.  I chose a desk with a glass top so it isn't too bulky in this small room but it does provide more than twice the amount of  surface space.

The mantle is kept simple with 1 piece of artwork, mercury glass votive holders and some personal accessories.

A cohesive color scheme keeps the room from feeling cluttered.

The fabulous cabinet from Nadeau houses cds, dvds, records and medical binders.  Who says a printer stand has to be ugly?  

A relaxing reading chair that was once covered in files and tucked in a corner now has the perfect home and I'd say the room is done!  

From Chaos and Kindergarten colors

To sleek, sophisticated and functional

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If you've got a room that is covered in storage containers yet no organization in sight, contact me and we can transform your home into a functional beautiful space.