Monday, March 10, 2014

One of a Kind

I obsess over cell phone cases! I realize this is a silly thing to care about but I want it to be just right... not too flashy, not too boring, and not too trendy. Can a cell phone case be all these things?? I say yes! So did Martha Stewart's crafters, apparently, because the latest LIVING magazine had great ideas and a template on how to create a one of kind fabric iphone case. 

templates here

I copied the idea for my droid and came up with a sleek and sophisticated cell phone case for just a few bucks.

All you need is a transparent cell phone case, some Modge Podge and your choice of fabric. It's best to choose a thin fabric so it can form to the outline of the case.
 Brush Modge Podge over the outside of the case, press fabric on, trim the edges and Voila!