Sunday, March 4, 2012

Primary Colors

Today's June Steckler Image Challenge is Primary Colors and I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures that have been posted so far!  My favorite bracelet right now is a beaded bracelet from Noonday Collection and I absolutely looove all the colors.  It goes with just about everything I wear and is so bright and cheerful that it is impossible to wear it without absorbing the cheeriness.  

Wearing a bracelet with bright colors is a lot like how I decorate.  I usually avoid primary colors on walls but absolutely love using them in art and accessories.

In this room, the designer made modest color choices on the wall but used bold colors in furnishings and accessories.  

the more bright colors in decorating the apartment you How to Create a Bright Apartment With a Variety of Colors
I love how the pale blue walls are brought to life with the yellow and red accents.  

 I have to put in a room that I think looks great in the picture but in reality would give me a horrible headache.  This designer chose to use the bold color on the walls and use neutral furnishings.  I like bright colors but a whole room in this yellow is too much for me!

If you just aren't sure how to inject some color in your house without overdoing it, you may want to consider this interesting piece of furniture!  Someone saw my bracelet and made it a couch.

 Bright Color Scheme for Multifunctional Sofa Design
it actually available!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Image Challenge- Composition

Day 3 of the image challenge is Composition.  The flowers my husband got me for our 12th anniversary were the perfect model and behaved very well for our photo shoot.  

I did take a picture for day 2 - preparation-  but it was of a pot of simmering leek soup.  Ok, I'll post it even though it is completely boring!  Looks really healthy, doesn't it?

Thinking about composition makes me wonder if  I need to change my banner photo.  Simplify!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Image Challenge

I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom and I cherish this blessing.  But, I can get so caught up in the day to day happenings that I forget about doing the things I enjoy.  I am usually taking care of the house, playing soccer in the backyard or pretending to be Princess Leia while my boys defend the universe.  I quickly check facebook a couple times a day so I can tell myself I'm a good friend; I scan a couple blogs in a week so I can feel like I know what's going on in the design world; I watch 20 minutes of the news and pretend I'm informed.  But really, I think about my kids A LOT.  I probably talk about them way too much to other people, too!

 Last year I tried doing a craft challenge per week with Ironcraft and I really enjoyed it but lost all my steam after a month.  This year- apparently I get in a rut in the winter and feel the need to be creative- I am going to attempt an image challenge a day with June Steckler Art.  I'm not really a photographer and thankfully the challenge isn't just limited to photos.  I think it will be a great way to keep me feeling creative while I fold mountains of laundry!  Really, do the boys have to get so muddy every single day???  

March 1 challenge: Line

I'm pretty sure there are little creatures that live in this amazing looking tree that come out at night and pull out all the grass in the yard.