Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stripes are in the Cool Crowd this year!

I have seen lots of companies featuring stripes so I thought it would be fun to show you
 some stripey options that caught my eye. There are so many ways to use stripes and whether your style is traditional or modern, stripes can be your new best friend!

This bedroom may be small but they have used the space cleverly and it is very stylish and inviting. I tend to like horizontal stripes better than vertical and, in fact, my living room has horizontal stripe so this is a look I know I enjoy!

I love this room but can't really tell if the walls have stripes or clapboard. Either way, it is sleek and stylish!

Are vertical stripes more your style? Here's a pretty one but since the stripes are so narrow I would rather get this look with wallpaper than try to paint it!

Like the look of stripes but don't want the commitment of them on your walls? Here are some other ways you can be trendy and still easily move on when you are tired of it.

This bedroom is great! I love all the different textures in the room and like how they did big stripes on the bedding but narrow stripes on the window shades. 

This chair has clean simple lines but the varying stripes give it a funky modern look that I really like.

An even simpler way to get stripes is to add a few pillows here and there. I love these from earthlinens

Think you'll add some stripes to your current decor? Would love to hear how you've worked them in!