Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the nitty gritty

I absolutely LOVE decorating and organizing for clients and I really love posting the Before and After photos of projects.  What I don't usually show is the work I do that no one ever sees.  It's the work that helps the room actually function well but it's the part that is never photographed.

I'm not posting the After pictures yet because I'm not quite finished with the office yet but here are the Before and During pictures.
This is the closet before I started sorting and organizing.  I have to admit that even I feel a little bit overwhelmed the first time I see a mess.  Thankfully, my brain quickly formulates a plan and my smile is soon genuine.  :-)

Instead of spending hours and hours at my client's house sorting through all the cords, cables and wires that had taken over the office closet, I dragged it all home.  I did this so I could watch tv while I worked and also so I could ask my husband what the heck everything was!  (He's a pretty stellar guy)

After hours of holding up a cable and asking, "What's this?" I might be able to identify a power supply cable, a usb cable, an audio cable and a bunch of other stuff.  Maybe.

Everything is labeled, bagged and stored for easy access.  The closet looks great and I can't wait to show you pictures of the finished product!!

To see the completed project, click HERE

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