Monday, January 27, 2014

Earring Organizer

I call myself a Professional Organizer but should I really allow myself that privilege when my jewelry box looks like this??

It's usually worse than this, too! I had just cleaned out the crayons (no idea), spools of thread and receipts. I always had trouble finding both earrings of just about every single pair jumbled in there, which I'm sure is really hard to imagine! 

I had seen some really fun earring displays made out of screen and picture frames like this one on Etsy
and thought I would try to do something similar.

Earring Holder On A Stand / cream Shabby Chic / 25 - 40 Earrings / 6-10 Necklaces
You can buy this here!

I didn't have any frames sitting around that I could use, though, but had a moment of inspiration when I was trying to find a new place for my old silver tray.

The tray has handy dandy cut-outs (I'm sure there's a fancy name for it) all around the sides that make it easy to stretch twice across.

Once I had the twice strung across and knotted, I added a loop at the top and got to work organizing!

 Now I'm all organized and am well aware I have more dangle earrings than any one person needs. Who can say for sure, though....

It's so fun to be creative and give something a new purpose!