Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Staging that makes sense

I have friends who had a precious house they needed to sell so they could move into their dream home. I had helped them with some decorating and picking paint colors but we had never tackled the front room. Another friend of theirs had tried to help them stage the house but it needed a little more attention.

All the area rugs had been removed and the side tables had been put in storage so the furniture seemed like it was floating around haphazardly. I think the first "helper" thought the rugs and tables made things seem crowded but it was really the scale of the furniture, not the accents.

First thing for the room was bringing back a rug so we could define the sitting area. I also brought in smaller scale furniture and even used outdoor wicker chairs! I arranged the sitting area in front of the window so instead of walking through the sitting area, people can now walk around it.

Home buyers get a great first impression when they walk in the door and the room makes sense. Did I mention the house sold already?? Well, it did but I'll still show you more pictures of the rest of the house. Stay tuned!!