Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 great closet ideas!

Closets are such a challenge!  It's easy to ignore them because the door closes and no one sees the stacks, the clutter, the mess... Am I right, or am I right?

I'm sure you've all read that a closet is a great place to squeeze in a home office.  Not actually very easy to visualize when you are standing there in front of the clutter!  Here is a great idea to help you re-think your closet space. Even the doors have been given a new life.

Here, a closet was turned into a bright and functional locker room.  I love the colors and easy access!
Closet Storage, Pink and Orange Kids Room

I am drooling over this craft closet!  Everything is so easy to see, reach and put away.  Love it.
overall closet

A closet for 2 little boys has to start with sensible planning.  It looks great and is so straight forward that they can keep it looking that way.

Here is another great home office eked out of a closet.  It is so crisp and bright I could probably spend hours sitting there...
closet ideas

I put this closet in only because most of us will never in our lives even SEE a closet this extravagant (or that many shoes outside a shoe store).  This is Mariah Carey's closet.  Nice huh?

Ok, back to the practical world.  :)

This closet is great for a little girl.  There is room to hang dresses AND shorter garments.  It seems like it's usually one or the other, doesn't it?  I love the purple painted inside the closet, don't you?  
Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system

This closet gives some great pointers for organization.  Group like things together;  Pants, shirts, purses, all grouped together is one of the easiest ways to get started organizing.  I personally don't have enough closet space to give my hand bags so much breathing room but this closet is sleek, simple and organized.  
Organized closet

This is a great coat closet idea!  Have you ever had a closet with the awkward shelving on the sides that you just never knew what to do with?  This is a fabulous example of how to make that space usable.    
Coats in a closet

Is this an amazing pantry or what?  Like I mentioned with the clothing closet... grouping things together is the best way to organize.  Even with the pantry.  

I hope you find some inspiration for those little clutter collectors also known as closets!  Good luck and if you want an in home consultation and design plan contact me!  I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one canvas so many possibilities

Ok, so it's not really a's a large piece of drywall.  I'm such a cheapskate that I wander the house looking for something I can be creative with instead of heading to Michael's to buy the item that would most logically fit my project.  I also don't really consider myself to be much of an artist so I don't think what I do warrants a real canvas!

My first attempt at making wall art for the living room was too dark and heavy  for me.  

My second attempt (after the room redo) was too light compared to the other pieces in the room.  As you can see, there is a large mirror in the room with a very thick frame.  The artwork was nice but better suited for a more whimsical space.

My third attempt may not be my last but I'll probably live with it for a while. (I need to hurry up and get those pillow covers sewn!  I love how they brighten the room.)

The wonderful thing about creating your own artwork is that you can try and try again!