Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Hollywood Glam

Are you trying to figure out your style?  I'm starting a series to help you learn more about the styles out there so you can pick your favorite!

Today we begin with Old Hollywood Glam.  It is all about glamor here- no unfinished pine going on in these rooms.!  Metallics, luxurious fabrics, mirrors, jewel tones, graphic prints and extravagant statement pieces.  Let's look at some pictures to get a better idea.

This first room pretty much sums it all up.  The huge mirror on the wall is an impressive statement, the couch and chairs are luxurious and the color on the walls looks like there is a metallic glaze on it.  Fur pillows/throw finish it off impressively.

This room is a quieter version of Hollywood Glam.  The dark floors offer a crisp contrast to the white bedding.  The headboard is tufted, the side tables are mirrored, the lamps are gorgeous and the green accent color is keeps it lively.

This living room has it all.  The creams and beiges, oversized lamps, opulent furniture, metallics and even some otherworldly statues by the well stocked bar.

This last picture shows a bedroom done in Old Hollywood Glam style and everything in this room is a statement piece!  The bed, the paint color, the artwork, the lighting, the bedding...everything is a statement!

So, is Old Hollywood Glam your style?  If not, stay tuned....

Thursday, November 4, 2010


A mural is such a fun addition to a kid's bedroom.  I just love them!  The tricky thing is picking something that they won't outgrow quickly.
The mural is this room was so so so precious but not very appealing to a 4 yr old little boy who wanted a "big boy" room.  He absolutely loves Thomas and all things train related but do we want Thomas up on the wall for years?  Big fat NO!  Goodbye bunnies and hello retro rails!

This train almost takes up the entire wall of the bedroom!  It is cool and sleek without playing too much into the temporary Thomas phase.  We found this image on-line then used a projector to get the image onto the wall.  Lots of tracing followed by meticulous painting and we have a great finished product!

Here is a mural that I had a professional artist do in a playroom.  I designed the mural but had to commission someone who is far more talented at painting than I am!

Devon (Simply Artistic) did a great job making a mural of just silhouettes come to life.

Like I said, I love murals and the creativity they bring to a room!