Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling crafty

Can I do a whole blog post about glitter?  Yes, yes I can.  :-)  Last YEAR my sister-in-law, who's craftiness you can see here, gave me a glitter craft by Martha Stewart and I never even opened it.  Then, last week, in a desperate attempt to avoid falling sleep AND to avoid housework I pulled it out of the closet and felt like a kid.  A very sparkly kid.

These colors are puuurhfect for my house!

It was Glitter by Number!  Super easy but I did have to use my handy dandy Swiss Army Knife to pull the minuscule stickers off.   As I was squinting at the tiny numbers and feeling very clumsy I thought  of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry says, "She's got Man Hands!"  Yep, that's how tiny the stickers were.

1 number peeled off at a time, glitter added, and voila!

Almost dooone...

 As you can see, each glitter was numbered so it was a craft that even children could understand and enjoy!  

I'm pretty sure Michael's has glass frames that I can slide these into and hang up on the wall.  I'll post a picture of that when I get it done!  

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