Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cottage Style

Inspired by our trip to the beach I figured Cottage Style would be a great stop in my Find Your Style series!  Yes, it's been a while since I wrote about Hollywood Glam but we'll ignore that fact and move on to a light breezy style that has fun while being functional and relaxing.  

Cottage Style can mean so many different things because each coastal region (even the Great Lakes) has its own style.  I'm going to focus on Southern beach cottage style for today, though.  Light and airy but not afraid of tropical colors and definitely NOT afraid of nautical accessories! 


Andrews living room overall

cottage colors Simple Touches to Bring Cottage Style Decor into Your Home

A new coat of seafoam-green paint freshens furnishings and enhances the coastal vibe.
Could this be your style?  No need to leave Cottage Style at the beach- give me a call and we can turn your home into the kind of relaxing retreat you daydream about!


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