Monday, March 14, 2011

bridal hair accessory

My younger sister is getting married!  I'm so thrilled for her and can't wait to go to the wedding this weekend.

Last month she asked if I would make hair clips for her because (in her own words), "You are good at that sort of thing."  Me?  Augh!  The pressure!  I don't know how to make hair clips so -of course- I agreed and then recommended she order something from Etsy and then I felt guilty so I put something together today.  I haven't actually seen the wedding dress besides what Sis sent me from her cell phone so I don't know if the hair clips are going to work but at least I did what I said I would do!

I found a gorgeous ribbon at JoAnn and cut it at about 10 inches in length.  Turned it into a rosette and added a fabulous brooch in the middle.  I think it's awesome, but it IS my first bridal hair accessory so I'm going easy on myself.  :)
I took this picture in bright sunlight but the ribbon is a nice soft white, not a stark crisp white.

Sis's plan is to curl her hair and pull it back on each side.  I think the clips will be a wonderful romantic detail!


  1. This turned out great! You'll have a new business in no time! Charlotte wants one in each color! ;)

  2. Thanks, Anne! You pick out the ribbon and I'll make one for Charlotte in a flash!