Sunday, February 27, 2011

A bookshelf makeover

This isn't going to be a jaw-dropping before and after but I always like to see and share pictures of makeovers -however small they may be!

My friends gave me a couple bookshelves when I created a design plan for their office/gear room.  The bookshelves are handmade and although very sturdy, they weren't very cute.  I always imagined I would paint them fun colors but didn't get around to it....until I noticed that their daughter might benefit from a bookshelf in her room!  I was very open and honest that I was going to re-gift the bookshelf, hoping that that would make it less tacky.  (remember that next time you get a hideous sweater at Christmas....tactfully re-gift it as coasters!  ha ha!)   I painted the bookshelf for their daughter and it is perfectly adorable in her bedroom.

 Not much of a looker, bless its heart.  I sanded down the interior and exterior of the bookshelf to break down some of the glossy poly that covered the shelf so the paint would adhere better. 

 Next, I primed the interior of the bookshelf and then painted with semi-gloss Great Green (sherwin williams).  Since there is a lip around the front of the bookshelf it was easier to keep the line between the two colors nice and tidy.  Creating a line between two paint colors can be tricky so I lucked out!

For the exterior I used Silky White in the Behr paint and primer in one. Two coats of poly and we are ready to go! 
Some books and accessories and it is ready for use.  Now that my original vision has been realized for one of the bookshelves I need to apply some elbow grease and get the other one done for my son's room.  I just love how a little paint can give furniture a new lease on life!  


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