Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little L's nursery

Before my second son was even born I knew he was going to be busy (he was a wiggle worm!) and that he would need a fun nursery to match his energy.  Once again, though, small house proportions meant it would be too easy to overwhelm and dominate with a bright color so I chose... white.  :)  Filled it in with a deep pumpkin color and fun bedding.

Almost everything was in my older son's room when he was a baby.  The Ikea crib, Ikea shelves, garage sale dresser (repainted) and the rocking chair.  

I made the mobile using paper lanterns, a knitting hoop and fishing twine.  I wasn't super pleased with my first attempt that you see in the first picture so I re-worked it by painting the large white lantern and hanging the smaller lanterns in a different pattern.

The stripes are actually NOT painted, they are peel n' stick stripes that I picked up on clearance at Lowe's.  It is a super easy way to bring some fun into the room without making a big painting commitment.

My son is 2 now and it's almost time for a big boy bed!  I think I'll bring more yellow into the room when we make the transition because his disposition is so sunny!  It just seems like the perfect color for him.


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