Monday, October 11, 2010

a tale of two tables

I absolutely LOVE the Svala table and chairs for kids from Ikea!
SVALA Children's table  Length: 23 1/4 " Width: 19 5/8 " Height: 19 5/8 "  Length: 59 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 50 cm
It is a blank canvas that can be personalized in ANY way.  Here are two examples of ways I have painted the tables/chairs
the medallion in the middle of the tables is an abstract of the home- owner's last name.  Can you see Miller?   

This is perfect for little boys!  They love choosing which mode of transportation to sit by - learning to associate the word with the picture is an educational  bonus.

So fun and easy to personalize these tables and chairs!  Who's next??


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