Sunday, October 10, 2010

Passion for Playrooms!

Ok, so I'm a big nerd and enjoy designing playrooms!  I also like washing dishes (you wouldn't guess it if you saw my kitchen, though).  Strange, I know, but think of it this way... you get to see results quickly!

Before: 3 kiddos means many toys, means many messes, means hard to keep clean, means HELP!

Even I felt a little overwhelmed walking into this room and I know how to break a project down into manageable tasks!  Any previous attempts at organization in this room had, unfortunately, failed- despite good intentions.  A large tv armoire was packed with books, toys and a very small tv.  It took up way too much space visually and wasn't a practical storage solution.  The other storage solutions were bins that were too large so if one little car was wanted, the whole bin was dumped out.  Time to rethink the room completely!

After:  We used storage systems from Ikea (one of my favorite stores) to divide the room into play zones.  This half of the room has kitchen, dolls and dress ups.  The Trofast benches are easy to assemble, easy to configure to fit the room and easy for kids to use.

This half of the room houses the outdoor toys - in another Trofast bench- and the art corner.  The storage unit they already had is perfect for art supplies.  The bins are just the right size for markers, crayons, coloring books, play-dough, paints, etc.

The middle of the room showcases artwork from each of the children, houses books, dvds and more toys.  This is the Expedit from Ikea and two more flank each side.  Each toy bin is labeled so the children can clean up after themselves... and believe it or not, they do!

With a little more planning and a lot of sorting, any playroom can be a great place for the whole family to hang out and you won't have to lock the door when company is coming over.
Send me pictures of your playrooms and I'll help you make some changes that could make a big difference!


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