Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Master bedroom update

To me, the master bedroom should never be ignored but it is usually the last room in the home to get attention since it is rarely seen by company.  The master bedroom should reflect the personality of the couple and be a refuge at the end of a long day.

Colors from the mid 90's and over the top floral curtains were just too painful for the home owners.

After: The home owners love earth tones so we got rid of the old and brought in the new.
Having never decorated for someone who is 6'5" I found myself having to negotiate with the husband the placement of artwork and accessories.  Above the bed?  The trickiest placement of all, for sure, but we compromised so it's high enough that he doesn't bump his head and low enough so his 5'4" wife can see what's on the shelves. 

The home owners love the accent wall!  It's actually the same color as the chair but looks brighter with the flash.  We brought in the earth tones they love, streamlined the curtains, simplified accessories and they finally have a room that reflects who they are.

What does your bedroom say about you?


  1. *My bedroom says what Petra wants it to say :)

  2. ha ha! I bet a lot of guys would say the same thing, Matt. Even Mark...

  3. Love the orange, of course! Our bedroom says, "Look! We have enough clean clothing for 10 people, and we store it right here on the floor."