Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So much and so little

Good Afternoon lovely readers!  Before I blog about the ever important lampshade, I want to share a video that a friend of mine posted today.  

The Dump at Tegucigalpa

As I sat in the comfort of my sweet home I watched the video of people rummaging through trash, wearing mismatched shoes, holding broken umbrellas, spending their lives where vultures and bugs live.  Everyone was dirty.  Everyone was grateful for food.  And I know there are people in Nashville with just as much need!  Tears ran down my face as I sat, confronted with my own comforts- with my own greed and pride.  Why on earth am I embarrassed that I have a small house and why am I embarrassed that I don't have hardwood floors?  Those people need food and water while I obsess over lampshades and what color to paint my stairs.  I have so much and take it for granted. 

Maybe I'll blog about lampshades tomorrow.  I can't seem to focus on them today.  

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  1. What a stark contrast between the beauty of the mountains and the dump, huh? It's really hard to know that there is so much poverty in the world, try to help do something about it and still be ok seeking ways to make your own surroundings more beautiful. Hope you find the right balance for you!