Friday, April 6, 2012

Lampshade Makeover

It's a sad day when a gorgeous lamp like this gets ignored.

Most of the time, being cheap works well for me- not so much when I trim my own bangs- but that is the exception!  Years ago, I found a matching pair of green glass lamps at a garage sale and I was able to buy them both for $5 each.  I was sort of clueless, though, about what sort of lampshade to use.  

For a while I used this lampshade because it's one I already had and I figured I'd be inspired at some point.  I also knew the neck was way too long and I'd have to take the lamp apart and rewire it.  blech.   Unfortunately, I sort of stopped noticing the lamp and it stayed this way until my mom came for a visit and gently asked, "Would you like for me to buy a new lampshade???"  Uh, I guess it's time to do something different!

So, I went out and bought the most boring white lampshade on earth.  I also bought a cheap lamp at Goodwill and used a couple pieces as the new neck for the lamp.  And that's how it stayed for another year.

Theeeen, my friend, Kristie the Decorologist, posted this shabby chic lampshade tutorial and I figured, Why not do something about this boring lampshade?  What do I have to lose?  If I mess up I can always go out and buy another completely boring lampshade at any number of stores.

I watched a tutorial on youtube, got out some fabric I already had that I love and got to work.  

 I was really drawn to yellow for the trim color but it just didn't feel quite right.  My brilliant mother suggested trimming off the yellow balls off the bottom and voila.  The finished product.  

I absolutely LOVE my lampshade now!  I notice it every time I walk past and I think it has so much more personality.  I don't think I'll ever be happy with a boring white lampshade again.  

I even did another lampshade but I'll save that for another day!  


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