Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Jazzed Up!

When can a leaky shower be a good thing? Well, pretty much only when the home owner doesn't like the bathroom and decides to get some outside help to make the bathroom lovely, functional and leak free! 

This bathroom was fine. It offered virtually no storage, no counter space, and the toilet was so close to the shower that there was no elbow room. But, it was fine and the home owners had no plans to renovate. As I mentioned, a leaky shower changed their plans and I had the joy of being a part of the project.

It all started with the tile. It's called Jazz Glass- St Louis Louie Linear. This tile is gorgeous! A whole shower of this tile would have been overkill and it would have lost its charm so we had the jazz tile installed as an accent and used simple white subway tile for the rest of the shower, which lets the jazz glass sparkle!

Everything after the tile selection was easy. In fact, the color of the bathroom is the same color they have in the adjacent family room. 
The home owner calls this her "guest bathroom" but this is actually where she gets ready every morning. So, this is not a bathroom that sees action every couple months, this is a bathroom that gets used every single day and may be the hardest working bathroom in the home! Now, the bathroom has plenty of storage and is lovely enough for the lady of the home. 

Put a wall in a tiny bathroom?? Sounds counterintuitive but now storage is a bragging point of this bathroom. Clear glass shower doors also increase how open the bathroom feels even though the shower is actually larger. 

A new 30" vanity with 3 drawers, an open shelf underneath, and plenty of storage behind the door also offer lots of  storage that the previous 23" vanity just couldn't compete with.

To bump this inexpensive shade up a few notches, I found fabulous trim at Brentwood Interiors that brings in the natural color of the baskets, vanity and mirror and also has subtle blue stitching that ties in the wall color. 

Function and Beauty are BFFs forever.

Here is a reminder of the Before: From dark and dated....

To bright and beautiful!

So, I guess sometimes a leaky shower CAN be a good thing!

P.S. I am starting the hunt for a decent camera so I can actually get good photos of my projects. Would really appreciate recommendations!
P.P.S. Sorry, I was having a junior high moment. I don't actually have anything else to add; It just felt right to say p.p.s.!


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