Saturday, July 2, 2011

Like flies to honey

2 1/2 years ago a fun, fabulous couple asked me to pick colors for their new home that was ALL off-white.  They were drawn to earthy colors but not afraid be bold.  I chose a color palette with calming greens, grey blues, a beige as our neutral, deep browns and a fabulous burnt orange.  The house looked amazing and once they moved in their furniture and accessories, the house was stylish and inviting!
Recently they decided to downsize and our initial planning and hard work paid off!  There was a bidding war and the house sold in under 3 weeks.  Making the right decisions early on makes a huge difference when you want to sell your house later!

I suggested that they paint gallery squares on the wall to bring the height of the room lower and make it cozy and inviting.  They did just that and it turned out great!

  Everyone who went through the house raved and raved about the colors.  Like flies to honey!  Can't wait to help them with their new house!


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