Friday, February 4, 2011

Think outside the box

I heard the phrase "migratory furniture" recently and laughed so hard because, I must admit, my furniture migrates pretty regularly and it soothes my soul.  Sometimes it is simply the realization that the couch would look much better on the other side of the room and sometimes it is the need to shake things up a bit.  This is my first winter cooped up with 2 young and very active boys so as the cold drags on I've been unable to ignore the need to lighten and brighten my surroundings.  AND, not spend money.

Yesterday as I was sitting at the table in the dining room I looked out onto the deck and felt sorry for the table out there.  Stuck in the cold with no one to enjoy its style.  I looked at the big black table in front of me and realized I could make a huge impact with very little effort and NO money!

The glass-top table takes up so much less room, it reflects a ton of light and the room feels so much livelier without the big black table dominating the room.  (plus, I get to sit closer to my family at meal times)  

Side note: my buffet used to look like THIS but I decided to change it up a bit.  I used a strip of grass-cloth wallpaper that I bought for about $5 and taped it to the doors.  Much better!  I like modern lines but love natural textures so this solution marries the two preferences perfectly.  And, yes, those are cheap Ikea chairs with washable cushions for my kids.  Sometimes practicality has to win over style.  Maybe when they move out I'll bring in my other 2 animal print chairs!

Now my old table is in the garage with no one to enjoy its style but, well, life is rough sometimes.  Feeling the need for change?  Don't bother rushing to the store; Just try rearranging a few things and thinking outside the box! Happy migration!


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