Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Iron craft challenge 6: Winter

When I think of winter I think of staying inside bundled up under cozy blankets, reading a good book and sipping a mug of hot tea.  If I had my druthers I would stay that way all winter- only venturing out to buy more tea and get more books from the library.  I am a winter hibernator!  Skiing? Ugh, no.  Sledding with the kids?  Only if I must.
 I like to be warm!
So, when the iron craft challenge was posted I immediately thought of warms drinks.  You know me!  How to make that thought into a craft, though?  I decided to make a Drink Station inspired by winter.

Step 1: Off to a good start, huh?  Don't worry, I have a vision for these amazingly awful 30 yr old prints from the thrift store. $2 is right up my alley!

Step 2: I took the cardboard print out of one of the frames and placed my hooks.  

Step 3: I used decoupage to cover the frame in pretty paper.  I liked the added interest of the red in the middle and you'll see what I chose for the backing!

Step 4: I painted the second frame but left the artwork intact.  There is a much brighter future here so don't lose heart.  (my apologies if you like the cardboard artwork)

Step 5: I added my hooks, backer, snow/glitter and a bird to the first frame (seems fitting that my space- heater is discretely sitting in the background!).  Finally, added my cups and hung it up!

Step 6: I painted over the print in the second frame with chalkboard paint.  Just about ready....!

Step 7:  I used picture wire to string curtain clips that can hold a variety of beverage options across the message board.  ( all that's lacking is a place for some whiskey)

 Voila!  Add a little message and the drink station is ready!  


  1. Funny I was thinking it was missing the whiskey too!