Friday, September 24, 2010

simple southwestern

My clients needed a LOT of help.  They needed help picking paint colors, arranging furniture, organizing clutter and most of all they needed help turning their home into a place that reflected them!  The entire downstairs was on our To Do list.

Before:  The living room and dining room were the very first thing people saw when they walked in.  It was out-dated and the toys and drum set had taken over.  The fireplace surround was hideous and brought too much attention to itself... and not in a good way!


After:  We tore down the fireplace tile and pine.  We installed a vent free fireplace and because of that we were able to put to good use the former chimney. We also got a great storage system from Pottery Barn that helped us organize all the toys.  We picked a warm paint color that would be a good back drop for their artwork and southwestern accent colors.

In the dining room we painted a terracotta color on the walls and put up a fabulous cornice board.  We also took out the large hutch since it was full of dishes they never used and we brought in an amazing chandelier that combines simple lines and a southwestern feel.

Before:  This is the hallway bathroom/laundry room.  Do I have to say anything??

After:  Well, obviously we took down the wallpaper!  Re-tiled the floor and created a custom built/tiled vanity.  New lighting, new faucet and a custom roman shade (with the same fabric as the dining room cornice) finished off the room.  I absolutely LOVE this bathroom!

Before:  This kitchen had no personality whatsoever!  bland bland bland....oh, and cluttered.  It was not a place the home owners enjoyed spending any time.

After:  I searched high and low for a counter top solution that was in our budget.  We finally decided on a laminate that had a neutral updated color.  We tiled the backsplash and added a custom cafe curtain over the sink.  Once again, the wallpaper came down.  We used the same paint color as the living room so there would be flow throughout the entire downstairs.

We turned a screened- in porch into a sun room/drum room but I never got pictures because the home owners were doing the work on their own and weren't quite finished when everything else was done.  It was a great experience and a challenging one.  I learned a LOT and really enjoyed myself!


  1. I love the character that the backsplash added! Do you know how to do tile or do you just pick it out? I'd love to add a backsplash in our kitchen but have no idea what to do with tile!

  2. I know how to do tile... with supervision.:) It would be pretty simple to add a backsplash to your kitchen and I would LOVE to help you!