Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's Get Staging! (part 1)

This was my first solo staging project.  The family was absolutely wonderful but had NO budget so we had to be creative.  Thankfully craigslist and spray paint can solve many issues!

Before: First Impressions are incredibly important when your home is on the market. A room that is overcrowded yet under accessorized is not the impression you want to make.

After: We hung up artwork, took out the large coffee table, removed the large armoire and updated accessories.

Before: A large tv cabinet greeted prospective buyers when they entered the home. I know, it's really hard to arrange furniture in the long living rooms of most ranch style homes but when your home is on the market you have to reconsider furniture placement.

After: We moved a buffet from the dining room to replace the tv cabinet. We needed something that didn't block the line of vision and something that would create an entryway.

Before: The dining room was crowded yet bland.  It was a tight squeeze on all sides of the table.

After: We rearranged the furniture, replaced the lighting ($40 on craigslist and some spray paint), and brought in some simple accessories.  We also rearranged the dishes in the hutch so they would be more noticeable yet not too busy.

Before: The golden oak cabinets and the brass knobs made the kitchen feel so outdated!

After: We painted the kitchen, updated the knobs on the cabinets and brought in a valance to tie colors together.  Sometimes too much beige is really negative...even in a house on the market so we had to bring in some color!


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