Sunday, September 26, 2010

creative color

Getting to decorate a kid's room is always fun and challenging.  You want it to be fun but not something that would be overstimulating.  You want it to reflect their personality but also give them room to grow.  And, you want them to love it!

Before:  A new house, a new bedroom... time to make it feel like home for a precious 3 yr old.  A frilly out dated valance said it all.  This room hadn't been touched since the 80's!

After:  The little girl had picked out her own bedding, which was bright and very colorful.  I didn't want to paint the room a bright color as well so I decided that a focal wall would work best.  It is fun, energetic and colorful but isn't so loud that it is overwhelming.

I painted the walls a soft white that would be the perfect backdrop for more colors and for the artwork she is sure to add as she gets older.

The carpet had to stay the same but with more color throughout the room it sort of fades away and lets everything else shine.

For some reason, the little girl was really scared of her closet doors but her parents didn't want to take them down so I tried to make the doorway a little more fun and a lot more colorful for her.  The beads were a success and the saloon doors don't even bother her anymore.

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